10 Modern Decoration Style For 2020 Interior Idea
Here we are, at the dawn of the new decade, it is the perfect moment for us to look back and think about the beautiful time as well the hard time in our lovely home space. 2020 comes, bring us a chance to rebuild our dream home. Let's explore the amazing decoration styles for this year's resolution.
1. Minimalism 
From the most favorable fashion choice decoration theme, minimalism has become a rising movement for the millennial as well as a young adult. It presents a necessary change in the lifestyle of many people today.
Minimalism Kitchen
“You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.”Vernon Howard. 
Based on the idea of reducing the unnecessary features around the living space, this decoration offers a peaceful meditation mode, suitable for the fast living pace. With this design, we do not only feel relaxed, worry-free but also have a chance to live in such an aesthetic home environment.
Minimalism Bedroom
The combination of minimalism interior furniture is to focus only on their primary purpose. The main table or table/sofa set in the middle, a hanging, standing or pendant lamp for light, and one single ornament. 
While some of us might this minimalism is easy to use, this is one of the most sophisticated decorating practices.
 Minimalism Living Room
2. Bohemian 
It is one of the iconic decoration styles due to the aesthetic look. Bohemian is also known as the Boho style, which is famous for the Hippy group in the fashion trend in the 60s and 70s. Now is the perfect time to bring this back to life. Opposite to minimalism decoration style, It embraces the concept "more is more." 
Bohemian Living Room
This style usually features busy pattern design, often floral or jewelry texture. The color tone should be high-contrast such as orange - blue or purple-green. However, while choosing the color, be careful not to overdo this contract.  
Bohemian Living Room
Last but not least, the material is also an essential element in this design. To make your room cozier and more vintage, avoid the materials such as metal or plastic. Instead, replace them with more natural such as burlap, silk, sisal, or chenille. Besides, adding pillow cushion, hanging ornaments, or textile carpets is a quick solution for building this style.
Bohemian Living Room 
3. Scandinavian 
Originate from the Northen Part of Europe, this style was established around the early of the 1900s and has been an influential and popular decoration until 2019.
Scandinavian Nordic
Apart from Minimalism and Bohemian, Scandinavian is like an offspring of the above design and also lovable internationally. This style inherited the dominant trait of the bohemian by featuring the high contract in color tone. However, The Scandinavian style does not encourage the busy texture decoration like the Bohemian. Instead, it promotes simplistic and organized elements.
Scandinavian Nordic
The Scandinavian style features the most classic materials, such as Leather, Feather, and Wood Slats. These materials offer a high-end luxurious look and also create a cozy nordic touch. To add a more profound sensation to the room, you can add a few botanic ornaments such as hanging canvas or artificial plants.
Scandinavian Nordic
4. Coastal
If you love the romantic sense of the tropical beach, this can be an ideal home for you in 2020. We all love the enjoyment of walking on the sandy beaches or dive deep into the beautiful coral reef. It is possible to bring all the fantastic experiences right behind the door. 
Coastal Sea Ocean Home
The excellent combination between the sand, ocean, and sky inspires this decoration style. With the elegant combination of 3 primary materials: Rattan, Wood, and Cotton, the coastal style offers a deep sensational feeling.
Coastal Sea Ocean Home
Besides, the color palettes for this decoration style should be light and bright. White and Navy Blue are a popular option. However, you also can create your unique style by adding some other colors.
Coastal Sea Ocean Home
Visual: Corine M.
5. Industrial
Inspired by the bold and robust architect of the warehouses and factories, the Industrial design provides an authentic open look for the one with tenacious and calm characteristics. This style encourages using raw and casual material such as open-space concrete, exposed metal watering pipe, or visible mechanic part.
Industrial Modern Living Room
The color palette and also plays a crucial part in this design. Dark colors tone such as black, brown, and grey are the favorable option for this style. Also, consider adding "oxidation," "galvanized," and "rusted" texture can make your decoration even more realistic. Finally, don't forget to balance the environment for a few white colors or a few green plants.
Industrial Modern Kitchen
Visual: VIZN Studio
6. Asian
Distinctive from the Industrial design, the Asian decoration style focuses more on the balance and harmony features in life. This interior design fit well to the one who prefers peaceful surrounding. For specific, the living environment should cultivate "Feng Shui," the art of balancing energy force to bring good luck and harmonize spirit. 
Asian Chinese Decor Living Room
Similar to the Minimalist, the Asian design room should be clean and simple, avoid any unnecessary interiors. Instead, enrich the house with more natural materials such as bamboo, wood, or unbleached fiber. Position and portion of the window, wall, and ceiling are also essential to direct more natural light, reduce electricity consumption.
Asian Chinese Decor Living Room
Moreover, having large porcelain flower vase or big limestone mythical beast statue can be a great idea to feature your style. It would be best to seek for Fengshui recommendation for better execution.
Asian Chinese Decor Living Room 
7. Urban Modern 
It is one of the most flexible and fashionable designs for a majority of modern city homes. Also known as "contemporary" design, this decoration style oriented to support the fast pace living for the busy working individual while retains elegant and wild features, similar to the industrial design. 
Modern Urban Home Decor
There is no restriction for the color choice as well as the type and materials of the furniture. It could be a set of lemon yellow, bamboo green, and sunset orange color option for young and lively urban couples. Instead, black, oak brown, and light grey is more suitable for the middle-age citizen. The only consideration is the longevity of the furniture and decor patterns, using "time-less" style furniture to avoid your decoration to be out-dated in the next trend.
Modern Urban Home Decor
Visual: Modico 
8. Traditional
If you are worried about your decoration might be outdated soon, this classic style certainly eliminates your concern. Decorated by aged, memorable, and simple types of furniture, it offers a comfortable feeling the same as the old days.
Traditional Vintage Retro Living Room
Another feature of this decoration is the minimal of modern technology interior. Also, reducing the metal and glass material a great way to enhance this style of decoration. Instead, adding more linen or cotton material with a gently curved edge for the sofa, pillow cushion, or mattress. Color should be in a medium tone, not too light or dark, and can be combined with classical floral pattern.
Traditional Vintage Retro Living Room
Visual: Home Corner
9. Holywood Regency
Holywood Regency showed up during the Golden Age of Holywood (around the 40s to the 60s). The style defined itself as a charming and luxurious yet entertaining decoration. This style used to serve celebrities and Holywood stars. Later on, Holywood Regency became a popular option for dynamic and playful characteristics.
Hollywood Regency Modern Decor
The distinctive feature of this style is the freedom of creativity. Depend on your characteristics, the decoration should reflect your personality preference. For instance, the Holywood Regency decoration style could mix up with the classical elements, such as Lavished Chandeliers, Retro Carpet, Baroque Mirror, or Classic Leather Sofa. 
Hollywood Regency Modern Decor
Visual: Decoraid
On the other hand, you can also be playful and rebellious by adding a high contract color tone, or creative texture combination. Dorothy Draper, a famous decoration expert back in the 1940s, utilize black-green leaves carpet, vintage strip, and giant metal vase to embrace the bold personality for the house
Hollywood Regency Modern Decor 
Visual: Dorothy Draper 
10. Romantic/ Feminist 
To end this blog, we present this decoration idea to celebrate the romantic Valentine's day is coming up soon. This interior theme mainly focuses on the sweet personality of modern ladies. 
Feminist Pink Decor
The color palette should be soft and lovely. The set of ladies colors such as blush pink, mint green, or neutral white is a great idea to match your furniture. It is mandatory to focus on women essential such as dressing table, bedside table, wardrobe, drawer. Finally, to enhance the feminist vibrancy, consider adding chenille fabric, lace curtain, flower ornament, or vase.  
Feminist Pink Decor